Much like the Earth completes its cycle around the Sun in 24 hours, all living things and humans have an inner cycle system of approximately 24 hours. This system, which we can also call our internal clock, is called the 'Circadian rhythm.'

The circadian rhythm, controlled by our brain, affects our sleep-wake cycles, eating habits, digestive system, body temperature, hormone balance, and many other essential bodily functions.

Our minds and bodies, tired of running around, working, thinking, and planning during the day, need recharging, just like our electronic devices. If we get an average of seven hours of good sleep, we'll get out of bed in the morning with a full battery.

But if we don't get a good night's sleep, we will have difficulty performing our functions, just like our mobile phone, which runs out of battery in the middle of the day, leaving us in a difficult situation.

When our body's internal rhythm is disturbed, symptoms such as fatigue, distraction, and concentration disorder appear at first.

When the unhealthy continuation of our sleep-wake cycle is prolonged, the risk of heart diseases, obesity, depression, and other chronic health conditions may occur.

Therefore, having a healthy and regular sleep system is very important for our health not only in the short term but also in the long term.
Nowanda's sleep stories are specially written to help you get a comfortable sleep. The stories are prepared under the consultancy of expert psychologists and pedagogues, and they are specifically designed to relax the anxious mind and take the attention away from the thought with positive and relaxing messages.

Nowanda's library keeps growing every week. You can get away from the thoughts that occupy your mind by listening to your favorite sleep story or one of the guided meditations for sleep on the nights you feel like you have a hard time sleeping. Moreover, you can feel much better with mindfulness-based messages woven into the stories.


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