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Relaxing sleep stories, self-reparenting exercises, mindfulness practices prepared in consultancy with mental health professionals, and so much more are waiting for you at Nowanda.

We all have a child to raise.

We all hold a little child inside of us who never grew up. As we get older, whether we are parents or not, that child always remains there needing  support, compassion, and understanding.

Self-reparenting helps the wounded child within us heal and grow. It nurtures us, contributing to the regulation of our behavior and emotions. With Nowanda’s self-reparenting practices, you can step towards developing a more affectionate, sympathetic relationship with yourself to cultivate more self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-love.


Through conscientious healing practices, start improving your life with Nowanda’s self-reparenting courses and mindfulness-based practices.

Everything you may need is available in Nowanda's vast content library: Relaxing sleep stories, self-reparenting courses, and mindfulness practices written in consultancy with mental health professionals. 

Healing your
inner child

living with anxiety
Nurture your
sense of competence

judging yourself
Recognize and
embrace your feelings

ignoring them

Grow your
inner peace

spiraling on negative thoughts
Discover your
healing power

living with stress
with yourself

living with the chaotic mind

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Guided Meditations & Courses

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  • Self-Rearenting
  • Special Content for New Moms
  • 7-Day Journeys
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Sleep
  • Self-love, self-compassion, self-confidence reinforcing practices


Sleep Stories

A wide range of original sleep stories written with mindfulness techniques to help facilitate sleep.



Original music library to help you relax, unwind, sleep or focus

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