Mindfulness is a practice that takes its roots in the 2500 years of Buddhism. It means kindly observing what is happening inside and outside of us with an impartial eye, without judgment. Practicing mindfulness teaches us to anchor our minds to the present moment rather than constantly wandering between the past and the future, experiencing worry, regret or stress. 

How does Mindfulness help me? 

By nature, we spend most of our time either planning the future or thinking about the past. While our minds are busy with dozens of thoughts, our body goes on autopilot, and we lose touch with the place and moment we are in.

We all experienced picking up a book, reading through pages, and then forgetting what we were reading. Or we start walking somewhere and don't notice how we found ourselves reaching our destination suddenly? When our minds are busy, we can experience such disconnections because we are lost in our thoughts.

Every day, between sixty and ninety thousand thoughts cross our minds. According to research, nearly 90% of these thoughts are negative ones. If our mind is constantly occupied with thoughts, and most of these thoughts are negative, then is it obvious why we feel so stressed and anxious?

However, when we bring our attention to the present moment and move away from these anxious and stressful thoughts, we create a space for our nervous system to unwind, relax and rest.

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