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In Nowanda, there is a comprehensive content library for children, as well as practices to help parents reduce their anxiety and stress at every stage of their difficult journey to raise healthy and happy children and help them become conscious parents.

Conscious parenting

Conscious parenting is a form of parenting that offers concrete solutions when we feel stuck. Start to use mindfulness practices that will fundamentally change your parenting view to improve yourself, your life, and your relationship with your child.


Conscious Pause
Deep Listening
Finding Solutions

For kids

It's crucial to start building the habit of mindfulness from an early age to have a balanced inner world as we become grown-ups.

Nowanda offers you the tool kit to support your child through their development stages. With mindfulness practices and guided meditations for age groups 3-4, 5-6, 7-10, the children can learn how to relieve their anxiety and stress, focus better, and cultivate self-love, self-confidence, self-worth, and many more. Also, to support the bedtime routine, an extensive library of sleep stories is prepared under the consultancy of pedagogues, where they can receive positive messages and increase their awareness levels as they prepare for sleep.

The Sooner, The Better 

We start judging ourselves starting from a very early age. Moreover, each child faces and learns to cope with different everyday problems depending on where they are in their lives.

For example, on the first day of school, they can have separation anxiety from their parents. After they start school, they may worry about getting low grades. They may try to cope with the feelings of being excluded from their friend groups, and they can feel unwanted and unloved among their peers.

We have prepared particular mindfulness practices and sleep stories for children from different age groups to grow up to be adults who love themselves, treat themselves kindly, and live a life free of fear.

Every story in Nowanda has been prepared under the consultancy of expert psychologists and pedagogues to help children develop healthier minds.

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