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Nowanda to bring a new awareness to the classes

The era we live in requires us to be mentally fit as well as physically. More and more schools and educational institutions are making Mindfulness a part of their curriculum, just like PT classes.

Mindfulness – classes on techniques to calm the mind and body – reduce the adverse effects of stress and increase students' focs, helping them stay academically committed to their goals and avoid behavioral problems.*

*Boston Charter Research Collaborative

Mindfulness at schools

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Improves Focus

Enhances Creativity

Improves Communication

Improves Emotional ​​​Intelligence and Resilience

Benefits of mindfulness to students and educators:

  • Increased ability to manage stress and emotions
  • Development in emotional intelligence
  • Concentration increase
  • Increased empathy ability
  • More effective communication and collaboration
  • Increased resilience to challenges
  • Decreased perceptions of burnout
  • Increase in creativity and problem-solving skills

Support not only your students but all their families with Nowanda

  • Two different modes, for kids & grown-ups
  • 300+ mindfulness practices, sleep story, and music library
  • An extensive range of content for grown-ups, parents, and children, developed in consultancy with expert psychologists and pedagogues.

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